Beverly Jean Acierno and Jennifer Acierno Theisen both supported education during their lives and in their work. Mother and daughter were devoted to helping children.

Beverly Photo (2)Beverly’s long career in Speech and Language, and administration of programs for students with learning disabilities spanned 40 years. Beverly received her Bachelor’s Degree in Speech and Language Pathology from East Tennessee State University, and her master’s degree from North Western University in Chicago. She studied with leaders in the new field of learning disabilities: Helmer Myklebust and Doris Johnson.

Jennifer's PictureJennifer’s work began in the performing arts and later extended to supporting children’s health and education programs. She was a dynamic fundraiser who worked tirelessly with humor and high energy.

Together Beverly and Jennifer’s legacies remain relevant today in the strong special education programs and nonprofits they strengthened and developed.

The Beverly and Jennifer Acierno Scholarship at the University of West Florida supports undergraduate and graduate students majoring in special education with a focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder.

See biography of Doris Johnson, Beverly’s mentor, and leader in the early field of learning disabilities.